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So this guy was telling me all about his panty collection. This dude has an insane collection. Like what I dont even want to know how he got them all but sure it involved some panty boy assignments along the way. But he was all having a hard time deciding what kind to wear for the day before heading off to work. I know the feeling its hard to narrow it down some days when you have a gazillion! So he called for a 10 minute phone sex call before work, I got him ready for the day picking out the panties he needed to slip on under his charcoal grey suit. First I went with the pink ruffle bottom but *eye roll* he had a business presentation and supposedly standing in front of everyone with ruffle panties wasnt going to work. What ever. So went for the orange satin thong. Who owns a orange thong? Just for that he had to wear it alone.

Need a girl to help you get ready in the morning? Well good news panty boys you have found her! I am around till 7am EST. Just enough time to squeeze in a little panty boy phone sex call.

1-888-662-6482 ask for bree

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Hello Hypnosis Lovers

My panties were the only thing on Greg’s mind. He wanted to know in detail the type of panties I was wearing tonight. Which happened to be some purple oh so soft cotton thong panties with a few lighter lilac rosettes embroidered near the center of the waist band.

Now that he had a sweet vision of my panties in his mind he wanted to know how long I had been wearing them. When I had put them on.

Oh I soon figured out that Greg had a panty fetish I was rather quick to assumed he was a panty sniffer but soon found out other wise. For I had started to paint the image of smothering his face with my panty covered ass and get him to breath in the scent of my dirty panties. Greg was quick to say no I want to lick the stench from your undies.

Oh My!

Will leave you with that thought for now. Yes being a tease as always.

Savannah 1-888-662-6482

savannahdesires aim/yim

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Introducing moi……

Here I am. All you have ever wanted and then some. Hello, my name is Christina and I am what most would call an experienced Phone Sex Operator. Not so young to just go along with whatever you say and not too old to not even enjoy my sexuality. I have been doing phone sex for over 8 years and can confidently say that not only do I know my fetishes but I absolutely love them. I jump into each and every fantasy and fetish with an enthusiasm that you will get to know and adore. I have personality, style, class and down right filthy ways. You know you want some! If you are looking for someone intelligent, seductive, sexy, slutty, and in complete control, here I am. You won’t be disappointed, you will be back for more and you will find it hard to get me out of your head.

I have no limits so anything at all goes. Some things I am into consist of MILF, Mommy, Abie, Infantilism, Age Regression, Spankings, Conversation, Advice, Bondage, Sensual Domination, Tease And Denial, Strap On Sex, Two Girl Calls, Long Hair Fetishes, Roleplaying, Stripteases, Oral Pleasures, Partner Swapping, Open Relationships, Interracial Sex, Blackmail, Seduction, Mind Fucks, and so much more

Call Christina for Anything Goes Kinky Fetish Phone Sex

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Tig ole bitty lovers this one is for you. I love how distracted you get when I have that tight little tank top on with no bra. You know you can’t help yourself when you see my big perfect tits Your excitement is completely obvious LOL. OMG is that a wet spot I see on the crotch of your pants already. Big, round, firm, perfect tits for you to bury your face it. Let me pour the baby oil right down my cleavage for you to. You know you want to feel that cock glide smoothy right between those amazing big tits So what exactly are you waiting for? Give me a call for hot and nasty big tit phone sex and cover this big rack with your creamy load

Call McKaylay now

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Hey, boys! I know it’s been awhile since this coed phone sex girl updated her blog, but you’re glad to see me back, right? I know you’ve missed me! Maybe you should spank me for staying gone for so long! ;)

Anyway, let’s get right into the hot smoking fetish talk!

I’m sitting here smoking one of my Virginia Slims 120s as I type this. Mmm, that smoke feels SO good filling my lungs. The only thing I’m missing is a sexy man like you sitting across from me to blow smoke in his face!

Smoking fetish phone sex is awesome! I didn’t realize for the longest time how hard dudes get off on watching a hot redheaded coed smoke. Shit, I could sit here and smoke for hours, taking long drags and blowing smoke in your face, while you jerked off.

I’d probably be laughing, though. ;)

So why don’t you call Abby at 1-888-662-6482 for some cheap phone sex? We’ll have ourselves a good time!


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I am going to bend you over, and slap your ass with my big black thick strapon! I’ll spit on your asshole, lubing it up good for my cock, then shove it in your ass and fuck you good. I love watching your asshole stretch while I fuck you! Give in to your fantasy, I know you want this big cock in your ass. Do you like to be called names too while I’m popping that ass cherry of yours? I’ll call you my little faggot, how’s that? Want more? Call me for no taboo hot kinky phone sex! I’ll call you more than just names!
Call the sexy Mckayla now to get strap on fucked by a hot coed

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Hello Hypno Lovers

A certain someone has been finding out just how strong my hypnotic triggers can be. For his 30 minute erotic hypnosis phone sex call ended up extended as he begged for more hypnotic triggers to be planted within his mind.

Rather amusing to hear someone begging for me to mind fuck them. He didnt quite believe he was begging for more. Part of him was questioning if it was a trigger that had him begging to go deeper into my erotic trance. Course that thought was erased rather quickly.

I might of erased it for him.

Hypnosis Phone Sex with Savannah 1-888-662-6482

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phone sex

Ooooh – you know why guided masturbation phone sex is one of my specialties. Because I am so fucking good at it!! Lol — well — I have a way of making you listen and slow down and stroke that beautiful cock a different way — a more erotic way — a slower, more earth shattering way.

And that is what makes guided masturbation HOT and that is what makes for some awesome phone sex — now isn’t it!!!!

Never tried guided masturbation? Well this is not just up-down-up-down. This is a different approach that will make your legs shake and give you an intense orgasm…. hope we try it together soon!!!

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

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So. This coed phone sex girl has a new strap on. Who wants to be the first to step up and offer his butt as the first sacrifice? LOLOLOLOLOL!

I <3 strap on phone sex SO much! Bending a little slut like you over and pounding the hell out of your tight little ass is so much fun to me. The way you moan and beg like a little whore is fantastic!

I’m totally going to turn you into my little bitch. Your bratty femdom princess wants you on your knees, sucking this big cock RIGHT NOW!

Yeah, suck it like the little fag that you are! *Giggles*

And once I’ve got my fill of watching you suck me off, I’m going to bend you over and put it in your tight little ass! Your 19 teen phone sex Mistress wants to hear you whimper and beg me for more. I know you want it. So tell me how bad you wanna be pounded, slut!

If you’re ready to take Ms. Chloe’s strap on up your tight little ass, then you know what to do. Pick up your phone and call me for some cheap phone sex. I’ll be waiting!


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latin phone sex

There is something really hot about foot fetish phone sex. All phone sex calls I like it when I can really tell you are getting turned on because I like to then exploit those weaknesses. So when I run my feet over you and I hit that spot that makes you completely crazy, that is the spot I am going to hit it again and again.

So whether it is trampling, a hot footie, watching my pretty toes and soles getting all scrunchy or more kinky things like penetrating you with those cute feet, well those are the foot fetish phone sex things that I love to play. So if you are all turned on, you know exactly what to do ;)

Hot Foot Fetish Pics

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Hiya, guys! Your 18 teen phone sex girl has been getting ready for Spring Break the last couple of days. I’m really excited about going to the beach with some of my sorority sisters and their boyfriends (and one of my big black boys with a big black cock)!

I realized when I was packing, though, that I don’t have any shoes to match this one outfit that I bought a while back. I’ve been wanting to wear this cute little outfit on my Spring Break vacation for months, so I knew I just had to go out and find the perfect pair of shoes to wear with it.

So I ventured out to the mall yesterday to visit the shoe stores there to see what I could find. I went into my favorite one first, and there was this really cute salesman in there. He immediately came over to help me. I told him what I was looking for, and he said I could sit down if I wanted, and he’d bring this phone sex coed some shoes to try on.

I sat and waited for him to come back. He returned with 6 boxes and knelt on the floor in front of me. I let him take off my shoes, so I could try on the ones he’d brought. He was so careful and so attentive with me as he slipped different shoes onto my feet. It was kind of hot, having him down there giving me all that attention! But it didn’t take long for me to realize it wasn’t really my feet he was looking at, but my legs. That boy had a leg fetish if I ever saw one!

I would’ve loved to have let him give me a little leg worship right then and there, but I do have a little more discretion than that.

However…it *has* put me in the mood for a leg worship phone sex with you boys. Wouldn’t you love to be on your knees, touching and caressing my legs, like the lucky guy at the shoe store in the mall? Well, here’s your chance!

All you have to do is give me a call for a little cheap phone sex! The number is 1-888-662-6482 if you want to have some fun with Princess Parker!


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With the holidays behind me, I’m spending my nights hanging out at my boyfriend’s apartment. But being stuck with my boyfriend all the time just gets so boring! Thankfully, there’s no shortage of hot guys on campus to play with. My favorites are always the basketball players, so you know that means there’s plenty of big black cock for me to play with. GO TEAM! Haha!

It just drives my boyfriend wild when he comes home after class to find me in his bed, fucking all the hot athletes instead of studying! He’s always eager to join in the fun, but some days I can’t help being a total prick tease and telling him no. Letting him look but not touch just makes the whole thing hotter to me, since tease and denial is right up my alley. Hearing him beg for a chance to plug my tight little hole just makes me so hot. And when I’m feeling really generous, I’ll give my little cuck a chance to suck a BBC, too. He says he only does it to make me happy, but I know how much he likes it!

So, I bonded with an awesome guy today, when he called me to talk about his interracial cuckold phone sex fantasies. It only took a minute for me to learn that we had something in common–a shared love for big black cock. Looks like I’m not the only one who loves the feel of a huge black dick down my throat and a hot load in my mouth! This little cum slut told me all about how good it felt with his tongue wrapped around nine inches of BBC. Oh, and he said he has a girlfriend…I wonder if she had a taste, too? The more the merrier, I always say!

So, give your cute coed slut Rory a call, and tell me all of your cuckold phone sex fantasies today!


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Hey Darlins!  I bet right now you are reading through the blogs right now and your starting to feel really horny! You see all the pretty girls, each sexy in their own way, but you are looking for something special. You know what you want when you see it. Hopefully you are looking at me and thinking about how I would be the perfect one for your phone sex fantasy. Maybe you are picturing running your hard cock between this big titties, or maybe you like naughty roleplays. All you need to do darlin, is call me! It’s live phone sex, so we can discuss anything you like. I can’t wait to hear what you have in mind for our fantasy phone sex session! Hope to hear from you soon

Kisses, Bobbi Jo

Contact me on Yahoo or AIM  LustyBustyBobbi and follow me on Twitter @LustyBustyBobbi or call 1-888-662-6482

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Stocking Fetish phonesex

Mmmmm. Yummy. It’s Sarah and I wanna talk about one of my favorite fetishes. Stockings and tights and pantyhose! Stocking and Leg fetish phonesex is my favorite, I love wearing silky black thigh highs and garters and having guys kiss and worship my hot silky long legs and feet in my satiny thigh hi stockings. Doesn’t that sound like a hot cheap phonesex call to you? Especially when I’m so turned on and ready to get to fucked you rip open a silky pair of pantyhose I’m wearing under my skirt in an anything goes phonesex roleplay where you’re my boss fucking me on a desk at work…mmmmm. or you Secret Sissies can call and talk to me as much as you want about your huge collections of panties, stockings, garter belts, pantyhose and teddies, I love hearing you describe your silky stockings in detail and I will tell you about my huge collection of different colored, textured and patterned stockings on our stocking fetish phonesex call. Yummmmmy.

Or you taboo pervs can sneak into my room and steal all my stockings and use them to jerk off and I will hunt you down and catch you and tie you up with my silky hose for some nasty bondage phonesex.

I bet you can come up with some more crazy anything goes roleplays and things to talk about on a hot stocking fetish phonesex call.



AIM and Yahoo IM – Swtandnastysarah

call 1-888-662-6482 and ask for Sarah

1.99/min billed as DBMG technologies

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What’s up, white boys? This ebony phone sex Princess wants to talk to y’all today about something I think is real funny. Y’all know y’all are real funny to me, right?

I love when y’all call me for some strap on phone sex. What I wanna know is why y’all call a phone sex girl when what y’all wanna talk about is being fucked with a big black dick. Seems like to me what you’d want is to talk to a dude about it.

But I guess what y’all think is that if you talk to a girl and you talk about getting fucked with a fake dick instead of a real one, then that somehow makes you less of a fag or something. I don’t know.

I like telling y’all what li’l faggots y’all are while I got you bent over. Seems like y’all blow your loads real quick when I laugh at you and pound the fuck out of you with my big black cock. Y’all don’t really know what to do with that shit, do you? LOL!

Do y’all want to be fucked by Mz NeNe’s big strap on? Well, y’all know what to do. Call me right now for some cheap phone sex.


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There is just something about perfect feet. The pretty polish, the faint tan lines where those sexy strappy sandals were, the smooth arches that you ache to have wrapped around every part of your body.
foot fetish girl
Ooooh not so fast, foot fetish phone sex is a process where you must enjoy it but you must also enjoy the tease of it. Look at those pretty feet, see them in your kinky foot fetish fantasy and then ask permission to worship them.

Do it wrong and you may be just under them for a bit of trampling. Do it right and you will be rewarded with the most amazing footie that you could ever dream of.


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Hi there Cheap phone sex lovers! How horny are you today? Are you feeling like some kinky roleplay phone sex? What’s your definition of dirty baby? What do you consider kinky? Is it rough sex upagainst the wall? A phone sex roleplay involving bending me over in a back alley and fucking my fat ass? Or is it more technical?Perhaps something more on the scary side like edge play, rape play .breath play, cbt . Maybe you get off with a little bit of small penis humiliationor sissy phone sex. Cum share whats kinky to you with me , ask for Carmen!



CONTACT ME AIM:CumNCallCarmen Yahoo:Cum_CallCarmen Twitter@CumNCallCarmen My BLog

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I undo your pants and pull out your throbbing cock, I push you against the wall and begin to suck you hard and fast, you tastes so good and I want more and more of him. He pulls me and kisses you firmly while squeezing my tits, his hands then reach down and he lifts my skirt up to feel my wet thong and I moan as he brushes his fingers over my clit. He rips them off and sits me on his desk,as he slides himself inside and begins fucking me harder and harder .My breasts sway and  bounce as he grabs my waist fucking me harder and harder, we both breathe heavily until we explode together and come to rest. Sounds like a fun little Quickie phone sex fantasy with this spicy Asian phone sex slut! Give me a call , lets play 1-888-662-6482 ask for Ayla

AIM : GetAddicted2Ayla Follow me on Twitter @AddictiveAyla

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Hi Guys

There is nothing like playing with one of the hot phone sex girls here during a two girl call. The combination of girls are just crazy too. I mean I never really know what girl a guy is going to pair me up with either. If I will be with another big tit phone girl so we can gang up on a guy and smother him with our tits. Or maybe its something a bit different. I can only imagine what kinky thing you will do with two hot girls on the phone.

Dial 1-888-662-6482 Ask for Kassidy.

curvykassidy is my aim and yahoo

anything goes phone sex

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Hello, slaves.

Humiliation has been on My mind for quite some time now. No, that’s not entirely true. Humiliation actually never leaves My mind. I sometimes even dream about humiliating worthless little fuckers like you. It’s a huge passion of Mine.

But I’ve been feeling particularly nasty lately. Humiliation phone sex calls are what I think about regularly. There’s nothing quite like making a useless fucktard cry like a baby.

I deem it a worthy use of My power.

Small penis humiliation, while amusing, are only the tip of the iceberg. I’ll tell you exactly what your Wife thinks about you and where she’s been going every Thursday night for the last several years. I’ll give you a hint: it’s not bridge club like she tells you it is. *Laughs*

Are you ready to feel the ultimate power of a phone sex Humiliatrix? Good. Pick up your phone and call Mistress Gina at 1-888-662-6482. Time to kiss your balls goodbye, motherfucker.

AIM/Yahoo: worshipgina

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OMG, what’s up, y’all? This hot schoolgirl princess has been absolutely loving the warm spell we’ve been having down here in Alabama the last few days.

It’s totally this little teaser for summer, and you know this coed prick tease loves all things teasing! *Giggle* Well, not only that, but I’m also getting a little taste of all the fun I’m going to have wearing my sexxxy new spring outfits and driving all the boys crazy.

Like, today, I wore a cute little softball-type jersey thing in blue and purple (yayayay!) and really awesome blue short-shorts to class. I mean, it was totally casual, not at all trying too hard like some of those stupid bitches who dress up like they’re going to the bar or some shit when they’re just going to class. But even my casual outfit and flip-flops turned a lot of heads today. ;)

OMG, all the boys I saw and a few of the girls, too, were totally STARING AT MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!! *Giggle* Not that I minded. I caught a few professors looking, too. Do you think they were all secretly fantasizing about some ass worship?

They probably were! And even if they weren’t, it’s kinda hot to imagine they were, anyways.

I mean, ’cause ass worship phone sex calls are some of my faves, and I know that I, like, love it when boys kiss and lick on my ass and stuff. It always gets me soooooo turned on!

Would you like to have a go at this sexxxy bubble butt of mine? *Giggle* I sure hope so! If you do, then call me, Kylie, at 1*888*662*6482 for fantastic cheap phone sex with me!

AIM: kyliecutie89
Yahoo: kyliecutie8989

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hey panty sniffers

so i answer the phone and all i hear is SNIFF! like wtf is that? then when the dude talked it was all muffled. dude wtf is going on like get ur head out of the pocket pussy or something. the pervert had his nose shoved deep into a pair of used panties he stoled from a laundromat. fuck now thats a sick pervert right there. stealing girls panties from a laundromat. hell ya totally gonna have fun with him. this fucker spends his weekend going and picking through girls laundry while they are off getting change. ya girls like totally watch your shit right! then grabs a few pairs of dirty panties when no one is watching and off he goes. he says like weekends are best cuz he knows girls always get fucked on the weekend and he wants to be sniffing those cum stained panties. sick dude! not sure if you a sick panty sniffer or on the edge of being a cuck?

i so know he aint alone with those sick panty sniffing stories. like who else has a sick taboo panty sniffer story to share with their bratty phone sex princess? just call me 1-888-662-6482 ask for Princess Bree

bratty phonesex bio

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The one thing I think I enjoy most about being a cheap phone sex girl is the fact that I get to get off hard with my callers. I love mutual masturbation phone sex ! Knowing that your cock is hard and you are stroking it for me while we have a fantasy phone sex session and we are getting down with a phone sex roleplay , it gets me all worked up! Why don’t you give me a call now and lets get off together with some mutual masturbation phone sex

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Hello to all my wonderful phone sex lovers out there. I hope you are all having a lovely day.

I love fantasy phone sex, darlings, and I know you all do as well. That is why I would like to share with you a bit of the call R. and I had together yesterday.

R. very much enjoys roleplay phone sex with me. One of the things he likes is pretending to be a Republican–which he is not, of course. The two of us speak to one another as fellow Republicans, tossing around conservative talking points, such as outlawing gay marriage and abortion clinics.

Naturally, the conversation eventually turned to our President. The two of us agreed that he was doing a terrible job, even worse, Heaven forbid, than his fellow Democrat Jimmy Carter. *Laughs*

In addition to this very entertaining roleplay, it seems my old friend R. has another fetish as well. I’ll let you guess what it might be, but it involves my sexy, muscular derriere.

R. seemed to find it amusing to hold up pictures of Obama, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and others near his rear end and mine to show them exactly what we thought of them. Oh, yes, R. has quite the little fart fetish, and he enjoyed watching me fart on the pictures of his nemeses. *Laughs*

These fetish phone sex calls are most entertaining to me. They are absolutely a fantastic way to while away these long, cold January nights.

If you’re ready to share your fantasy with Ms. Vivika, then call me today at 1-888-662-6482.

AIM/Yahoo: MILFVivika

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Hey gents!!

It’s me.. Felicity!! Your favorite British Brat !!!


I dunno about you, but I had SUCH an incredible NYE, and when the ball dropped, I was too busy with a certain someone’s balls to notice anything!!

Happy New Year to me ..right? I can’t wait to tell you all about my weekend threesome with two dark stallions that had such big black cock! you know I’m a size queen, so when you call me for cheap phone sex you better have that dick of yours hard and ready to stroke!! Lately I’ve been on a bit of a fantasy phone sex kick, and i realllly like have started to enjoy drinking games! I want to fuck you up so badly, by making you choke down shot glass after shot glass of my favorite naughty poisons.. forced intoxication is so hot to me! I can’t wait to giggle at you while you try to keep that dick of yours hard while I whisper the most fucked up wicked things in your ear!!

You ready?

Get your drink and call me!!


888 662 6482


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